Cookies Policy


Cookies are used to store information about the browser used by the users. This will enable the websites to identify your website login, minimizing the difficulty of login in again. Cookies make it convenient for our customers to add shopping carts, as it keeps track of the items. Without the use of it, you will have to reconstruct the shopping carts. Cookies help to recommend sites according to customer's preferences by keeping track of items often viewed by them. This allows us to provide items in which the customers keep their interest. We do not invade the privacy of our customers for any sort of advertisement or other forms. We ensure that our site is safe, secure, and trustable. To allow or block cookies, do the following steps: Open google chrome and you will see “more” on the right. Click on more and select settings. Click site settings, Cookies. Then, you may turn it on or turn it off. To delete cookies, do the following steps: Tap history and clear browsing data. Then, pick a timeframe from the top. Click “All Time’ to delete all the things. Check the boxes and click Clear data.