Terms & Conditions


Ajkroy offers sincere greetings to our beloved stakeholders. We are an online commercial platform serving your needs in an efficient manner and the terms and conditions regarding all our services are described below. By using the website it suggests that you are in consent to comply with all our terms and conditions( User Agreement).  With your consent being approved the User Agreement specifies that you are obeying the terms of this agreement on this Site. If you are unable to comply with the terms and conditions we suggest that you do not use this site further. 


If you want to enjoy the services offered by our platform it is imperative that you open an account with Ajkroy where you will have to provide some information which includes your name, mobile number and email address, and address. Be aware that your account may be disabled by us without any prior explanation or notice. You are solely responsible for the information provided in your account. Any activity held by your account should be your responsibility. You have every right to inform if you believe that your account is under threat. The threat may include that your account is being used by a unanimous person without your consent. If you provide erroneous information to your account then Ajkroy has every right to suspend your account. Whenever you place an order the name of the account holder should not be changed by any means. If the desired product is out of inventory then Ajkroy has the right to cancel the order. 


Ajkroy offers manifold payment methods which include. Cash on delivery.

You will receive a code (order confirmation)  in your phone number from Ajkroy . Once the delivery man reaches your home please kindly share the code number with the delivery man. Once the delivery man matches the code, he will give your product.


A customer may return the product if the product is found faulty. If the barcode scanner cannot be scanned when returned then the return policy is abolished. When the consumer purchases product and is found to have errors the consumer should contact the support system. The product can be returned if the customer does not open the product. 


Different products have different periods of warranty. Every company has different types of parts warranties. If the product is found malfunctioning before the warranty period then customers may get the replaced product without additional fees. However, customers will have to accept products of another brand/money if the spare parts are out of inventory as the company may choose to cease the production of such brands. Any accidental issues caused by the user like scratch, burn, broken display, etc. will not be replaced by Ajkroy .


Reselling products under the name Ajkroy is strictly restricted. If anyone is found committing such an act legal action can be taken against him/ her. Ajkroy will not hold any responsibility for reselling products. If a consumer resells products without prior notice of Ajkroy , Ajkroy will not hold any responsibility for the product. 


Local Pickup: Delivery period - 1 to 7 days inside Dhaka.

Express Delivery: Delivery time - 1 to 3 days inside Dhaka.

Local Pickup: Outside Dhaka- 1 to 15 days outside Dhaka.

Express Delivery: Delivery Time - 1 to 7 days outside Dhaka.

Working Days: Sunday to Thursday without public holidays. Working hours: 10 am to 05 pm. In some cases, delivery time may take longer than usual due to political unrest, strikes, lockdowns, availability of inventory, etc. 


Any changes/updates on the Terms and Conditions will be made available on the Ajkroy website. Please make sure that you visit the site regularly for further notice. 


By any means, you are prohibited to use the Site that causes potential malice to our stakeholders- employees, consumers, suppliers, partners, etc. directly or indirectly. The site is not meant to be used for any fraudulent or illicit activities. Such activities will result in the termination of your account and further trade will not be processed between us.